About Us


Our Philosophy

Naturacentric is a company where nature is at the core of all our products. While living in such a fast paced world, we want to bring you the convenience and peace of mind knowing that our handcrafted products are wholesome and ones you and your family can trust. We strive to bring you back to nature and back to your roots. 


Our Commiment to the Environment

We are a Zero Waste Company that carefully selects all eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. We offer a recycling program that in turn earns our customers a percentage off their next purchase. 10% of our profits will be donated to environmentally conscious non profits.


Background on the Founder of Naturacentric

Natalie Meneses is extremely passionate about Nature and Plant Medicine. After bad experiences with western medicine she had to turn to herself and research how to heal.  She also became infatuated with all the medicinal properties herbs could offer. Taking her two biggest passions Nature and Plant Medicine she founded Naturacentric to offer products that consumers could trust and use to heal. She also uses her company as platforms to educate others on living a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle.